Jeremy Irwin

High School Bible

Mr. Irwin (aka Jirwin) has been engaged in a wide range of vocations over the course of his middle-aged life. He has been a professional musician in a funk band (whose name is not appropriate for this website), a worship leader, a preaching pastor, a window washer, a landscaper, a DIY home renovator, a seminary professor, a stay-at-home-dad/homeschooler/trophy-husband, and now (most happily and for the second time) a high school Bible teacher. He likes long walks on the beach (literally), but even moreso in the woods or mountains. He has a lifelong goal of visiting all the US National Parks in the vintage Airstream camper that he will one day rehab. He was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and as such is a die-hard Cardinals fan. He loves his beautiful wife Megan and their two sweet-hearted daughters, Tilly and Mabel. He hates his cat, Bailey. She is, objectively speaking, the worst. He also loves the enneagram (3w2), building things, cultivating spiritual friendships, reading fantasy literature (the super nerdy stuff), studying the Bible and theology, and talking with people about how the grace of Jesus intersects with the difficulties of our lives in surprising and life-giving ways.

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