Jacob Nickodemus

US Art, Photography

Mr. Nickodemus has been doing art almost his entire life. He first began teaching it in 2008 to both elementary and upper school and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Art and Design at Northern Michigan University.

With a broad background in illustration, graphic design, painting, photography, and 3D modeling both on the computer and with traditional media, he emphasizes foundational training in the elements of design and has a passion for helping students discover their own artistic abilities.

On his philosophy of art, he says: “C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Francis M. Schaeffer and many other respected Christian scholars looked at humanity’s inherent creativity and attributed it to being made in the image of a creative God. My goal is to help all my students discover and develop the creative spark that exists in each of them, whether they see themselves as an artist or not. I hope they gain an increased appreciation for the creativeness of God and an enrichment of their relationship to Him.”

When Mr. Nickodemus is not doing art, he enjoys reading, writing, martial arts, researching apologetics, altering computer games to suit his own tastes, and spending time with his darling wife and sons.

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