Perry Hall Christian School Tuition 2024-2025

Tuition (Non-refundable) PreK4 5day/all day Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
1st Child (oldest) $10,150 $10,150 $11,225 $12,500
2nd Child $10,150 $8,630 $9,540 $10,625
3rdrd & Additional Child $10,150 $7,510 $8,310 $9,250
Standard Fees, per student (Non-refundable) Curriculum, books/supplies Program Fee (Activities Volunteer Hours (charged for non completion) Continuous Enrollment Processing
PreK 4 $225 $100 $10 per hour, 12 hours required $100
Grades K – 5 $250 $100 $10 per  hour, 24 hours required $100
Grades 6 – 8 $325 $150 $10 per  hour, 24 hours required $100
Grades 9 – 12 $400 $225 $10 per  hour, 24 hours required $100

Athletic Fee
(charged at start of season)
$275 per student/per Varsity sport
$225 per student, per MS/JV sport

Drama Fees: Charges vary based on annual play & apparel options

Extended Care: Charged monthly (contact PHCS Business Office for rates)

Academic Coaching Cost
Tier 1 $750
Tier 2 $900
Tier 3 + all first year ACP students $1,110
Tier 4 $2,500
FACTS Payment Plans (non-refundable) Cost
One Payment $25
Two Payment $25
Ten Payments* $55

*Tuition insurance required for new families who pay via 10 payments

New Student Fees (per student) Cost
Application Fee $50
Enrollment Fee $200
Withdrawal Fee Cost
3/1/24 – 4/30/24 $450
5/1/24 – 6/30/24 $950
After 6/30/24 $1,500

Financial Aid

At Perry Hall Christian School, we understand that many of our families are making significant sacrifices for their children to receive a Christian education. Although paying for a Christian education is the primary responsibility of the family, we are able to provide limited, needs-based financial aid.  Financial aid benefits our school community by enabling long-time students to continue to attend when hardships occur and provides opportunity for new students who may not otherwise be able to attend.

We have limited funds available for financial aid, so we ask that you prayerfully consider your application.

Financial aid applications for returning students, completed by November 1, will be notified of decision by December 1;
applications completed by currently enrolled students and newly accepted students by January 31, will be notified by February 15, 2024;
applications completed by currently enrolled students and newly accepted students by April 15, will be notified by May 1, 2024.

You can complete your financial aid application here.

The Maryland 529 Account program (managed by the state in partnership with T. Rowe Price) can now be used for payments towards your K-12 tuition.  There is no income limitation associated with opening a 529 account.  By utilizing this tool, you may be eligible for a tax break and the tax-free growth might also be used to pay for tuition in later years!  Please note that Maryland law, by default, extends an additional state tax deduction and tax-free treatment on account growth and distribution to K-12 tuition expenditures.

You can learn more by talking to your legal or tax advisor and by visiting the following websites: