Preschool – Private School Baltimore

Our goal at Perry Hall Christian School is to provide four-year-old children with a Christ-centered experience that will enable them to separate from their parents and transition into their new school setting.

Teachers will guide the children in Christ-like behavior throughout the day to help them grow in God’s love while learning to live in today’s world. During this time they will be encouraged to develop a good sense of self in an environment that fosters positive social and emotional experiences.

Each day an environment of growth will be fostered through interactions with their peers and teachers. The children will engage in developing fine and gross motor skills in both indoor and outdoor play. Hands-on math concepts such as shapes, numbers, and sequencing will be taught while using creative and stimulating manipulatives. As their teachers seek to stimulate a love of learning, the children will be introduced to language and letters through the use of books, games, and music.