PHCS desires to create an educational environment that honors God and enhances learning. We want our students to take pride in being part of the PHCS community, and we believe our uniform is one way to exhibit school spirit. We also desire to foster a community among our students which is not driven by consciousness of economic or social differences.

Students should always wear neat and modest clothing to school. Modesty violations will be dealt with by the administration and may result in the denial of a student to attend classes until the problem is corrected. In some cases, the student may be sent home for the day. Rules of modesty for uniforms, athletic wear, and dress down day apparel apply at all times including evening and weekend school-sponsored events.

While hairstyles are an important expression of personal identity, they should not disrupt a student’s educational experience or that of others. A student’s face and eyes should be visible to teachers at all times.

Extremes and fads in dress, hairstyles, and makeup are not permitted. The final determination of a student’s compliance with dress code standards (clothing, footwear, accessories) rests with the administration. Parents are encouraged to contact the school office to discuss any dress code questions prior to making decisions on purchases.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their students are in constant compliance with all dress code requirements. They should not wait for a reminder from PHCS administration/teachers before scheduling haircuts for boys or for purchasing larger/longer skirts for girls. Students will not be permitted to attend school while awaiting compliance.

General Student Appearance
• Boys’ hair must be neat, well-groomed, and remain off of the shoulder. Hair ties, bandanas, etc. are not permitted to be worn by boys. PHCS recognizes that particular hairstyles may be part of ethnic and cultural identities. In those cases, an individual family may receive an exception to this policy per administrative approval.
• Boys’ and girls’ hair must remain out of their eyes.
• Hair should be a natural color (no pink, purple, etc.)
• Facial hair on males should be neat and trimmed.
• No visible temporary or permanent tattoos are allowed.
• No spacers or gauges are permitted.
• Boys are prohibited from wearing earrings.
• Girls are allowed piercings in the ears only.
• No controversial wording on clothing will be tolerated.
• PHCS spirit wear tops may be worn with uniform bottoms on Fridays only. Click here to order Spirit Wear.
• A school shirt must be worn underneath the approved PHCS sweater, fleece, or jacket during the school day Monday – Thursday.
Sweatshirts/hoodies are NOT approved outerwear & may not be worn as a jacket/coat into school. For a lightweight jacket, please purchase one of the above mentioned items (see reverse for ordering instructions). For extreme weather days, a winter coat is permitted between buildings but must be removed upon entering classrooms. Failure to abide by outerwear policy will result in disciplinary action including possible suspension.
Dress Down Day Guidelines
• Monthly dress down days will cost $1 if paid by the preceding Thursday or $2 on the Friday of the dress down day.
Permitted Clothing: jeans, sweatpants, casual shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, finger-tip length and loose fitting shorts, boots, and athletic shoes.
Prohibited Clothing: Clothing with controversial wording or symbols, immodest tops, tank tops, leggings, pants worn below the waist, pajama pants, clothing that is frayed above the knee, or clothing that has tears or holes.
Violations: Students wearing prohibited clothing will be required to correct the inappropriate clothing and may not be permitted to dress down on the next dress down day. They may also face school disciplinary action.

Uniform Codes Uniform apparel must be purchased from one of our approved venders. Below are the codes that must be used to ensure that approved items are purchased.
• Lands’ End school number: 900138819
• Flynn & O’Hara school code: Perry Hall Christian School