The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out. Proverbs 18:15.

Elective courses allow our students to be well rounded in their academic preparation for college. Students are able to increase their knowledge in a specific academic area, as well as develop critical thinking skills, through their elective choices.

Technology II

Prerequisite, successful completion of Technology I

This course will provide the students with an overview of computer applications and concepts that focus on multimedia production, web development, and programming. Students will receive a refresher on common Windows functions and features, and review multi-layered image editing. Students will also learn basic hyperlink concepts, web design, and get an introduction to programming using the MS small basic compiler.

Worship Arts Band/Chorus

This course is a performance-oriented music class for high school students. It is divided into three main parts: Instrumentalists in the Worship Band, Lead singers/Chorus, and Music Theory and Composition. To be a part of the instrumental portion of this course, a student must have enough skill on an instrument to be able to read and play with the band for weekly Chapel services. For Chorus, topics covered will include vocal instruction, sight singing, solo singing vs. vocal blending. All students will sing various choral arrangements in parts and perform in concerts. In Music Theory and Composition, students will study the building blocks of music and composition students will learn how to write a chart, arrange a song and for some, write their own songs.


This course will provide the students with an overview of drama basics through a project-oriented curriculum and to develop acting and performing skills. The drama class will also be involved in writing and performing skits for chapel and will collaborate with the Tech II class to create video projects.

Studio Art

This course will provide students with a studio art experience exploring the various mediums of art, pottery, design. Students are encouraged to try new mediums and varieties/styles of art.


Students will become familiar with the parts of a camera and the various adjustments that can be made. This will be a very “hands-on” course with students learning how to consider light, composition, and shutter speed when achieving the desired effects for a particular photograph. Students will be required to create their own portfolio for this course.


Students in this class will develop the school’s annual yearbook. Topics such as graphic layout, graphics technology, project timelines, and artistic presentation will be taught and applied to the publication of the school’s yearbook.


This course will allow students to learn more about the brain, mind, and soul in the context of a biblical worldview. Students will study affect (emotion), behavior, and cognition (mental processes) in order to better understand the nature of mankind. Each student will then write a final research paper upon conducting a psychological “experiment” of their own.


In Philosophy, students will not only read and discuss works by major contributors to the field of philosophy but will also be applying themselves to practice the disciplines of philosophy, rhetoric, and logic. Students will read and analyze both primary sources and other fiction and non-fiction books with the intent to discover the author’s philosophy as well as challenge our own thinking on a broad range of subjects. Finally, we strive to develop a biblical philosophy and worldview of all disciplines.


Students must have at least 1 year of playing experience to participate. This course is geared to players of String, Winds, Brass and Percussion Instruments (Guitar is not included).