Perry Hall Christian School’s vision is “Inspiring through His Truth.”

For our students, we desire:

  • To graduate young men and women who are committed to discovering and answering the call of Christ in their lives.
  • To equip our students to excel in higher education.
  • To train a generation of godly leaders who love learning and are sought after for their wisdom.
  • To prepare students spiritually, academically, and in accordance with their God-given potential.

For our staff, we desire:

  • To cultivate men and women who are committed to discovering and answering the call of Christ in their lives.
  • To support and assist them in equipping our students to excel in higher education.
  • To provide opportunities for growth and development according to individual gifts and interests.
  • To see them grow in Christian maturity and in the knowledge of God.
  • To serve as academic and spiritual mentors to students.

For our parents, we desire:

  • To exhort in them a sense of personal commitment to the school, supportive of the goals of our Christ-centered approach.
  • That they actively participate in the development of the school.
  • To help them to follow biblical principles in addressing concerns.

With our community, we desire:

  • We aim to be above reproach in our business dealings.
  • We will seek practical ways to help meet community needs by engaging in community service.
  • We seek to exemplify the unity of the body of Christ

Perry Hall Christian School works to fulfill its mission and vision through a Christ-Centered program based on:

Rigorous Instruction

All students will participate in a rigorous Christian Curriculum and will grow and develop spiritually by giving of themselves through service to Christ, his church, family, and community at home and abroad.

High Expectations

It is the goal of PHCS to inspire all students to matriculate to college.

Choice and Commitment Academically and Spiritually

All students, parents, and staff choose Perry Hall Christian School and make a commitment to meet high expectations as set forth in the Bible.

  • It is the goal of PHCS that every student that graduates will have received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior with a commitment to Christ in ALL areas of their life.

Focus on Results

Perry Hall Christian School is a college preparatory school, which seeks to afford the opportunity of college attendance to its students while preparing servant leaders for a lifelong walk with the Lord.