Moms, they are first person to greet us as we make our presence known to this world. From our first moment she holds us tight to her heart and gently breathes in the scent of us. Savoring each moment, we are in her embrace she sees a lifetime of love, laughter and heartache ahead of her. Mom is our cheerleader, our confidante, our safe place, the one who loves us through every stage of our life. In our youth, we just think of her as “Mom, it’s just what she does”, it isn’t until we are older or have children of our own that we see just how much she has done for us. This past week, I reached out to our upper school students and asked them to tell us what makes their mom so wonderful.


“My Mom helps me with whatever I need.” ~ Delaney, 6th Grade


“Something about my mom is that she is very funny, she keeps me going every day and makes me laugh in rough times and just through the day when we do regular things. She is always there to help me and she stays by my side. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her, she has strong faith in God and encourages me to stay strong in faith through times of fear and doubt. Her favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11 and these are the things I love about my mom.” ~ Kathryn, 7th Grade


“I love my mom to the moon and back” ~Elaina, 10th Grade


“Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever! Thank you for always being there for me and pushing me to do my best.” ~Carley, 12th Grade


“Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you; you are amazing! Thank you for always being for me. Happy Birthday Mom!” ~Rachel., 10th Grade


“My mom has done so much for me and is always there for me.” ~Grace, 8th Grade


“Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you so much for everything you do for me! Love You!” ~Ashley, 11th Grade


“My mom is my role model, biggest supporter, and best friend. She is constantly reflecting Christ in her hard work and perseverance. She has raised me according to God’s truth, and because of her obedience to Him, my siblings and I get to live a life that reflects Christ as well. I love you Mom!” ~Sam, 12th Grade


“My mom is great because she makes sure I am prepared for everything.” ~David, 12th Grade


“God created mothers to be a beautiful, kind, caring and understanding figure in their child’s life. Mom, you are my all of these things. I love you.” ~Anna, 11th Grade


“My mom is great! I couldn’t ask for a better mom. She has been an amazing role model for me. She is a wonderful example of a Godly women. Her love for Christ is amazing. She has always been my best supporter. She is also my best friend. I love you mom!” ~Kalyn, 12th Grade


“I want everyone to know that I love my mom so much! I appreciate all the things she has done for small and big from reminding me to work my hardest to showing the sacrificial love that she has for everyone in her life. I can’t believe I’m leaving for college so soon but I feel so ready thanks to all that you have displayed and engrained in me as you son. And I won’t know how much I’ll miss you until I do. I love you mom!” ~Nate, 12 Grade


“My mom is so caring and loving and would do anything for her family and for others. Thank you for being the best mom!” ~Aiden, 10th Grade and Gianna, 8th Grade


“Mom is the absolute best because she taught me how to be gracious and kind and she always knows how to bring the fun. I love you mom!” ~Remi, 11th Grade


“My mom is so great because she came into my life when I was just about 10. She has raised me since then. She has loved me and shaped me into the woman I am today.” ~Arianna, 12th Grade


“She is the most beautiful and kindhearted person I have ever known:)” ~Meara, 11th Grade


“My mom is always there to help and support me and she encourages me to be my best self. She is an inspiration to me and I love her so much!” ~ Abby, 9th Grade


“She is such a godly example for those around her and does so much for our family as well as her students! ~Leah, 9th Grade


“I love my mom because she supports me relentlessly.” ~Kit, 11th Grade


“I love my momma because she is selfless and loves sacrificially.” ~Kelly, 11thGrade