As PHCS opened the school doors on September 8th, who would ever have guessed what this school year would bring! Friday, March 16, 2020 will live in the memories of these students forever as the day that school was closed for the following two weeks and they would fill in the gaps with distance learning from their homes.


Here we sit 1 month later, experienced Zoom users and longing for our return to the classroom. I recently asked a handful of students the following question: “What is the #1 thing you are loving about distance learning?” Below is how Panther students are making lemonade out of lemons.


  • “The thing I like most about distance-learning is that I get my work done easily and fast and I get to stay in my pajamas all day.” -Brooke, 4th grade


  • “Something I like about home learning is that I can sleep later and have a little more free time.” -Grace, 8th grade


  • Personally, I like the fact that if you have a question about a topic that can’t be explained over email that we have the capability to have a 1 on 1 meeting with our teacher. It just makes things easier and speedier. -Gavin, 7th grade


  • “One thing I like about distance learning is getting to do stuff on my computer.” –Josh, 8th grade


  • “I like virtual learning because you have everything you need to do for the week and you can choose how to spread out what you do so you don’t have too much on your plate to the point where it is overwhelming. I also like it because if you need small breaks in between work to get your mind working again, you can take them.” –Bella, 6th grade


  • “My favorite thing about distance learning is that it gives me an opportunity to complete my assignments on my own schedule.” –Kit, 11th grade



While these students have been able to find a silver lining in this unscheduled change to their school year I think we would all agree that we are looking forward to being back on campus with our fellow Panthers!