Twinkling lights, sparkling ornaments, giggles and grins were in abundance on December 9th. Perry Hall Christian School celebrated the Christmas season with the annual Christmas concert. Preschool through High School students participated in the event. The evening began with musical selections performed by private instrumental students. A Capella choir presented several traditional Christmas pieces under the direction of Mrs. Debbie Seibert. Precious preschoolers singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” brought a smile to everyone’s face as they spent more time searching out mom and dad in the crowd, (followed by a gigantic wave and shouts of “Hi Mom!”), then they did singing their songs. Each of our elementary classes, dressed in their Christmas finest, sang their hearts out in praise to our King! This year’s crowd favorite was the White Christmas medley presented by High School Worship Arts. Keeping with tradition, the concert was concluded with our student band playing Christmas carols for the audience to sing. Celebrating the birth of Christ as a community hit just the right note to help all feel the Christmas Spirit!